Question: Can You Return Clearance Items To Walmart?

Can I return a clearance item at Walmart?

Could you buy something on clearance at one Walmart and return it to another Walmart without a receipt for a non clearance store credit?

If you just bought it and the price dropped within 7 days, Walmart will allow you the difference back.

Bring your receipt.

Can I return my item to any Walmart?

Unless you encounter some ridiculous employee, then yes. You can return it to a different Walmart store.

Do I have to return to the same Walmart?

The only way you could return something at a Walmart store other than the Walmart where the item was purchased if it does not come up in the inventory of the store you are trying to return to is if you have the receipt. So obviously t No, you cannot.

How many days do you have to return something to Walmart?

90 days

Does TJ Maxx accept returns from Marshalls?

Certainly, you cannot return an item bought from TJ Maxx to Marshalls. But they are having the same quality of products at the same price. TJ Maxx Return Policy allows its customers to return their product within 40 days from the date of purchase made online and 30 days from the date of the store purchased.

What is Marshalls holiday return policy?

Marshalls Holiday Return Policy

If you purchased something between October 16 and December 24, 2016, you can return it through January 23, 2017. Their normal, 30-day policy kicks in again for all purchases made beginning December 26, 2016. If you’ve got your receipt, you’ll receive a cash refund or charge credit.

Can you return clearance items to TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx customers can return or exchange merchandise within 30 days of purchase with a receipt. If a check was used to pay for the item, a 10 day waiting period is required for a cash refund. Returns without a receipt or if it’s outside the 30 day window, a store credit will be issued.

Does Walmart do returns 24 7?

Technically yes, provided the Walmart in question is a 24/7 store, and even then they most likely will require the original receipt after a certain time. Most Walmart locations prefer the returns be processed at the customer service desk, which usually closes at a certain time.