Does Best Buy Have A Price Drop Guarantee?

How long does Best Buy honor price drops?

15 days

Does Best Buy have a price adjustment policy?

Our Price Match Guarantee allows us to make a price adjustment if we lower our price during your return or exchange period. You can return to your local store, give us a call at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289, or chat with an agent online to get assistance with this.

What if I buy something at Best Buy and the price drops?

If we lower our in-store or online price during the return and exchange period, we will match our lower price, upon request. If the price drops during thew exchange period, you will match.

How long is best buy price guarantee?

In most instances, that time frame is 15 days from the date of purchase. For our Elite members it is extended to 30 days and Elite Plus receives 45 days to price match. You can read more on our Price Match Guarantee by following the link below.

Will Best Buy honor old sale price?

Nope. Best Buy nor any other retailer will honor a sale price the day after it has ended. Once it’s gone it’s gone. If you ever see a price you like and it’s Saturday, don’t try to come back the next day.

Which stores will Best Buy price match?

So while Target and Walmart match prices for dozens of online retailers, Best Buy matches prices for only seven: Amazon, B&H, Crutchfield,,, Newegg, and TigerDirect. It also matches online prices from However, like Target, Best Buy also matches prices for local retail stores.

Do you have to return to the same Best Buy?

Return item at different store? Yes, bring your receipt if you have it. If you don’t, having the card you used to buy it with or your rewards phone # handy will make life simpler.

Can you price match after purchase?

Price matching: The retailer will match a competitor’s price if it’s lower. Some retailers require this to happen at the point of sale. Others will match a competitor’s price after the purchase and refund you the difference.