Does Flipkart Give Refund?

How can I get refund from Flipkart Mobile?

Procedure is as follows:

  • Go in My Orders tab.
  • Click on return tab which will be shown in your order details.
  • Put a reason for return.
  • Select to get refunded in cash or in flipkart wallet.
  • your amount will be refunded back within 2 to 3 business days.

Does flipkart have return policy?

Flipkart, which is arguably India’s biggest e-retailer, has revised its return policy for popular products. The policy, which earlier allowed customers to return a product in within 30 days of purchase, will now give only a 10-day window to consumers.

Do flipkart refund if price drops?

At the time of answering this question, Flipkart is not refunding the difference for the price drop or price matching even if the product is in return window and not installed yet.

What if I return wrong item to Flipkart?

Flipkart can take strict action against you. You may be banned from buying from the market place. The returned products are verified. Following consequences will be happened.

How can I replace my return in Flipkart?

  1. Log in to Flipkart and go to your Orders tab. Tap or click on Return to create a request.
  2. Depending on the kind of product you wish to return, your return request may have to undergo a verification process.
  3. Following verification, you will be required to confirm your decision based on the category of product ordered.

How does flipkart return policy work?

Here Is How The Flipkart Product Returns Process Works:

Log in to Flipkart and go to your Orders tab. Tap or click on Return to create a request. Refund: If the product of your choice is unavailable in your preferred size or color or model, or if it is out of stock, you may decide that you want your money back.

What is flipkart exchange policy?

Exchange phones in any working condition:

Flipkart will accept phones in any working condition this festive season. This means you can even exchange phones with broken screens or other body damage. There is just one criteria that you need to follow — the mobile phone you want to exchange should be in working condition.

How can I track my flipkart delivery boy?


  • On the Flipkart desktop site, click on ‘Track’ to see your order tracking details.
  • Get complete tracking details for each order number in your Flipkart mobile app.
  • On the Flipkart desktop site, you can see order details along with the expected delivery date.

How do I send a parcel back?

How does your parcel return service work? Make sure the item is correctly packaged and addressed with the correct returns label included. Then bring it into branch and we’ll give you a Certificate of Posting to confirm you’ve posted it back to the retailer. Printer-less returns are available with selected retailers.