Does Flipkart Refund Money Easily?

What should I do if I dont receive my refund from Flipkart?

Choose payment related queries and give your details.

You will get a reply within 48 hours.

In normal case, the refund may take 7 to 30 days.

You need to file a consumer complaint against Flipkart at Voxya, online consumer complaint forum for quick solution of your problem.

What is flipkart return policy?

prior flipkart is know for its exceptional refund policy of refunding the money of the buyer within 24 hrs which got changed to 2 days, 3days and now it has gone up to 8 working days which itself indicated flipkart is no more a customer centric company which it was earlier.

How can I get refund from Flipkart?

Log in to Flipkart and go to your Orders tab. Tap or click on Return to create a request. Select your applicable reason of return — based on which the option of exchange, where applicable, will appear.

How do I get a refund on cash on delivery?

If you’ve paid via debit / credit card or any other online means, the refund will be reversed back to source. If you’ve paid via Cash on Delivery, you will not get the refund in cash. If you return the product for a refund, you’ll have to give your bank account details so that the money can be refunded to you.

What happens if flipkart doesn’t deliver on time?

What is the ‘guarantee’ that an order will be delivered within the specified time? A. In case our courier partner is unable to initiate the Same-day Guarantee/In-a-day Guarantee within the promised time, we will remit the shipping charges borne by you to your Flipkart Wallet. This is refundable.

How many times can I refund on Amazon?

How Long Will My Refund Take After it is Issued

Payment MethodRefund MethodRefund Time (Once Refund Is Processed)
Pre-paid Credit CardsPre-paid Credit CardRefund time depends on the issuer, and can take up to 30 days
Shop with Points Reward PointsReward Point BalanceUp to 5 business days

9 more rows

Can we return earphones in Flipkart?

The company will no longer offer refunds on products like mobile accessories, computer and camera accessories, office equipment among others and higher-end items such as mobile phones, large appliances and furniture. “Refunds are not offered.

How can I replace my order in Flipkart?

Log into your Flipkart account, go to My Orders tab, click on Return and select the Replacement option. Your shoes will be picked up by our delivery personnel, and replaced with the same product of the correct size that you specified in the Replacement form.

How can I refund my money from Flipkart?

Log into your Flipkart account, go to My Orders tab, click on Return, choose the reason as size fit issue and select the Exchange option.

If you want a refund

  • As an IMPS transfer if you have paid via cash-on-delivery.
  • As a refund via the same source that you used to pay for the order (called Back to Source).