Quick Answer: Does Whole Foods Pay 15 An Hour?

How much does Whole Foods pay an hour?

Whole Foods Market, Inc.

pays its employees an average of $15.70 an hour.

Hourly pay at Whole Foods Market, Inc.

ranges from an average of $11.74 to $23.85 an hour.

How much does Whole Foods pay their cashiers?

Whole Foods Market Salaries in the United States

RetailAverage Salary
Cashier 384 salaries reported$14.61 / hour
Grocery Associate 132 salaries reported$17.39 / hour
Customer Service Associate / Cashier 88 salaries reported$13.95 / hour
Produce Associate 70 salaries reported$15.44 / hour

1 more row

Does Whole Foods pay weekly or biweekly?

4 answers. Bi-weekly. You get paid bi-weekly every two weeks.

What is Whole Foods starting salary?

Whole Foods Market Salaries in California

Popular JobsAverage Salary
Grocery Associate 20 salaries reported$19.57 / hour
Front End Associate 19 salaries reported$14.75 / hour
Customer Service Representative 16 salaries reported$15.54 / hour
Team Member 15 salaries reported$14.79 / hour

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How long are Whole Foods shifts?

How long are shifts typically? Do they differ from PT to FT? They basically work you like a fulltimer but keep you as partime status by giving you one or two hours shy of 40.

Do Whole Foods get paid weekly?

You get paid bi-weekly every two weeks.

How do you interview at Whole Foods?

Understand these steps and you’ll be part of our family before you know it.

  • Research us on social media.
  • Find your perfect career match.
  • Submit your application.
  • Talk with a recruiter.
  • Talk with a hiring manager.
  • Take part in a panel.
  • Get hired!

What interview questions does Whole Foods ask?

In the event of a group interview, hiring managers normally start by asking each participant a few common questions, like: “Why do you want to work at Whole Foods?” and “What is your favorite activity related to food?” Group interviewees usually spend the rest of the session participating in activities as part of a

Do Whole Foods employees wear uniforms?

Whole foods employees don’t wear uniforms

What is working at Whole Foods like?

Working at Whole Foods has been a pleasure. Not only is the staff, and management supportive and friendly, the customers are as well. Perks and pay are very good for a food store. Each store is different, I’ve worked in several stores.

How many hours do you have to work at Whole Foods to get benefits?

Whole Foods Market pays nearly 100% of premiums for all full-time Team Members with at least 800 service hours. After 60 days of service, our Team Members who work 20 or more hours per week are offered a PPO health plan, including prescription coverage.

Does Whole Foods help pay for college?

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: WHOLE FOODS MARKET realizes that continuous education is a key to success so it has an outstanding Tuition Reimbursement Program and pays full costs for college degrees or job-related certificates.

How much does a Whole Foods astl make?

Average Whole Foods Market Team Leader yearly pay in the United States is approximately $54,444, which meets the national average.

How much money does a Target store team leader make?

A mid-career Store Team Leader with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $88,050 based on 10 salaries.

How much do supervisors make at Whole Foods?

How much does a Supervisor make at Whole Foods Market in the United States? Average Whole Foods Market Supervisor hourly pay in the United States is approximately $15.39, which is 10% above the national average.

Does Whole Foods match 401k?

Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFM)

The grocery giant provides skimpy matches to employee contributions. They auto enroll employees at a contribution rate equal to 3% of their annual compensation.

Do Whole Foods employees get an Amazon discount?

Whole Foods employees have been given blue, Amazon Prime-branded accessories to wear. They come with an apparent new slogan for the Prime discounts: “Savings to smile about.” The new clothing is rolling out as Amazon adds its Prime discounts to Whole Foods stores across the country.