Question: How Much Does It Cost To Get An ISBN Number?

How much does it cost to buy an ISBN?

If you ever publish another edition of your book, or another book entirely, you will need more than one ISBN.

I suggest you buy the 10 pack.

A single ISBN today costs $125, while 10 ISBNs cost $250, 100 cost $575 and 1000 cost $1000.

Note that the price per ISBN drops from $125 to $25 to $5.75 to $1.

How do I get an ISBN number for my self published book?

You can purchase your own ISBN from Bowker or through your local ISBN agency. If you are reprinting your book, the title, author name, and binding type must remain the same. A new edition requires a new ISBN. Your book’s imprint must match what’s on file with your ISBN.

There is no need to copyright your book (with the U.S. Copyright Office) before submitting it. The publisher merely handles the paperwork on behalf of the author, and the copyright is the author’s property. (The author’s name follows the copyright symbol on the copyright page.)

How do I get a barcode for my book?

To get bookstores, libraries, and distributors to carry your book, you need both the ISBN (EAN-13) and the retail price (EAN-5) in your barcode. Purchase your full barcode through Bowker for $25ish. Obtain a full barcode using IngramSpark’s cover template generator.

Do I need ISBN to sell on Amazon?

Yes, your self-published book should have an ISBN if you plan to sell your printed book in bookstores and libraries. If you plan to sell your printed book through Amazon or online retailers and book aggregators, you will need an ISBN. For print books published through KDP, the ISBN can be provided free through Amazon.

How do I get an ISBN number?

Finding the ISBN Number On a Book

On most books, the ISBN number can be found on the back cover, next to the barcode. If a book doesn’t show the ISBN on the back cover, look on the page featuring the copyright and publisher information and the ISBN will be found there.

How do I get an ISBN barcode for free?

After the OCR fonts are installed, install the Barcode Image Generator. Open the Image Generator. In the Barcode Properties tab, enter the first 12 digits of the ISBN number and the number 5 plus the price of the book. The last digit of the ISBN number is a check digit; which is not encoded in the barcode.

How can I make a barcode for free?

How to Create Your Own Barcodes

  • Step 1: Go to Avery Design & Print Online. Open the free Avery Design & Print Online software at
  • Step 2: Choose your design. Use the menu on the left to browse design categories.
  • Step 3: Add barcode.
  • Step 4: Set up your barcode.
  • Step 5: Test your barcode.
  • Step 6: Choose your print option.

Should I get an ISBN for my book?

An ISBN is not necessary if you do not intend to place the book in stores, libraries, or with wholesalers. Although your print book must have an ISBN, it is NOT a requirement for eBooks. Online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble do not require an ISBN for eBooks.

Can I sell a book on Amazon without ISBN?

Yes, you can certainly publish your book without an ISBN: Amazon will assign an ASIN, for example, to a Kindle version of your book in lieu of an ISBN. But if so, say that KDP is your publisher, not that you’re self-publishing.

Does the ISBN number have to match?

Generally that means that one of the numbers is for hardcover and the other is for paperback. The publisher may have entered the wrong one either on the dust jacket, or inside. Check inside to see if they are both there, somewhere.

Do I need to buy a barcode for my book?

An ISBN number is required (although you may not need to purchase one as discussed below). However, a barcode is only required if you are distributing a physical or printed copy of your title. You will need a barcode (excluding ebooks) and an ISBN number for each distinct publication.

How can I get ISSN number?

To request an ISSN number, you need to contact the ISSN National Centre in charge of your country. Please access – If you are located in a specific country, indicate the name of your country. indicating how to contact your National Centre.

How do I get my book in bookstores?

8 Steps to Getting Self-Published Books on the Shelves

  1. Know the Market for Your Book.
  2. Know How They Buy Books.
  3. Get Into Book Wholesalers.
  4. Develop a marketing and media plan.
  5. Create Professional Marketing Materials.
  6. Free Book Marketing Tools.
  7. Know Your Buyer’s Goals.
  8. Contact Bookstore Buyers and Librarians.