Question: What Is MSL Unlock Code?

What is ## 873283?

Without a PRL, the device may not be able to roam, i.e.

obtain service outside of the home area.

For Sprint, it is ##873283# (it is also possible to use code ##72786# on Android or ##25327# on iOS to completely clear out the service programming and redo OTA activation, which includes updating the PRL)..

What is *# 0011?

*#0011# This secret code is used to show the status information for Your GSM Network. *#*#4636#*#* Display all the user statistics from the beginning of time and the essential Phone Information.

What is Sprint unlock code?

Sprint wireless phones are locked to the carrier’s network. … If you want to use your Sprint phone in a different country or with a different wireless network, you will need to unlock it using an unlock code. You can purchase an unlock code from an online company or request the code for free from Sprint.

What is Samsung MSL code?

MSL or Master Subsidy Lock is a numeric code that bars access to certain technical setting of a phone or tablet. The device manufacturer uses this code to make sure that its customers cannot wipe their phone number and reprogram their device to work with another different carrier, which most customers want to do.

What is UICC unlock?

As we have already come in terms of this article, UICC stands for a universal integrated service card. The domestic unlock for the UICC refers to giving access to the SIM slot of your handset to enable the user to insert a different carrier SIM card. …

What is the code for Sprint?

How To Enter Sprint Hash Codes & Secret Menu Dial CodesHash CodeNumberExplanation##TEST#8378Enter device Test Mode (Requires MSL).##TETHERED#83843733Toggles Tethered mode.##TIME8463Displays current time on certain devices.##TTY#889TTY Menu54 more rows

What is Unlock MSL?

Master Subsidiary Lock (MSL) MSL is a special unlock code. With Z3X you are able to write that code into your phone and it can be unlocked. … In short, what the MSL does is reset the security of the phone in order to unlock it.

What is a 6 digit MSL code?

Master Subsidiary Lock codeYour Master Subsidiary Lock code (MSL) is a 6-digit code unique to your CDMA phone that’s necessary to access some of your phone’s deeper functions, such as wiping a phone number or manually programming in a new one. … Click the device nickname or phone number.

How do I use ## 873283?

Apple iOS iPhone*From the home screen, tap Phone.On the keypad, dial ##873283# (##UPDATE#) and tap the Call button.Tap OK. The handset will search for updates and install them. Follow device instructions.

What is MSL number for Sprint?

master subsidy lockThe MSL, short for master subsidy lock, code is one of the two six-digit codes implemented in CDMA phones. The other code is the SPC, or one-time service programming code, and is only used to activate the phone onto a wireless service.

What does ## 72786 do?

Network Reset for Google Nexus Phones To network reset most Sprint phones you can dial ##72786# – These are the dial pad numbers for ##SCRTN# or SCRTN Reset.

Does * 228 still work?

No, you don’t dial *228 to update the Preferred Roaming List on 4G LTE phones … that function is handled by the SIM card.

Where is my MSL code?

In your dialer, enter ##3282#. This will display the EPST menu. Select “View Mode” from the menu.

What is MSL number on cell phone?

A numeric code (password) that prevents a user from accessing certain technical settings of a phone. It is specifically designed to prevent a phone from being reprogrammed to work with a different carrier (service provider). MSL is relevant only to certain types of phones, such as CDMA phones.

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