What Colour Is A Full UK Driving Licence?

How do you read a UK driving Licence?

Front of the licence

  • Full.
  • Provisional.
  • Your personal details (1, 2 and 3)
  • Date of licence issue (4a), expiry (4b), issuing authority (4)
  • Driver number (5)
  • Holder’s photograph (6 – not numbered)
  • Holder’s signature (7)
  • Holder’s address (8)

What are the categories on a UK driving Licence?

Other driving licence categories

  1. Light vehicles and quad bikes. Category B1.
  2. Motorcycles. Category A1.
  3. Medium sized vehicles. Category C1.
  4. Large vehicles. Category C.
  5. Minibuses. Category D1.
  6. Buses. Category D.
  7. Other categories. G – road roller.

Is an automatic license a full UK license?

An auto licence is not a full licence. An automatic licence has restrictions therefore not a full licence. You can drive but you are restricted to the vehicle types listed on the licence.

What do the codes mean on a UK driving Licence?

The codes printed on the back of your driving licence tell you what conditions you must meet to drive. Some codes may be different in Northern Ireland. The codes and their meanings are as follows: 01 – eyesight correction, for example glasses or contact lenses. 02 – hearing/communication aid.

What do numbers mean on back of driving Licence?

Your licence personal details (1, 2 and 3): Fields 1, 2 and 3 of your photocard driving licence display your surname, first names, date and place of birth. (Note: in the case of female driving licence holders, ‘5’ is added to the second digit, this means that the second digit will be 5 or 6).

What is UK full driving Licence?

UK full licence

Once you’ve passed the theory and practical parts of the driving test, you’ll recieve your full driving licence. The full licence card is pink, instead of green.

What can I drive on a full UK Licence?

You can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg MAM with up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg). You can also tow heavier trailers if the total MAM of the vehicle and trailer is not more than 3,500kg. You can drive motor tricycles with a power output higher than 15kW if you are over 21 years old.

What is a Class 2 driver UK?

What is a HGV Class 2 driver? A Class 2 driver is responsible for transporting loads from a supplier to the customer in a lorry or truck that is over 3,500kg in weight. Through motivation and commitment to pass the theory and driving test, you could be driving within the first month of interest.

Can you drive an automatic car if you have a manual license?

No. If you have an automatic driving licence, you can only drive an automatic. If, however, you have a manual licence, you can drive both manuals and automatics. For more information on learning to drive, visit our learing to drive section.

Can you just do an automatic driving test?

When you book your driving test there isn’t a section that asks you if you are taking the test in manual or automatic. The test centre for automatic tests is the same as the manual vehicles. The examiner you may have is randomly selected, so there isn’t a particular examiner that just does automatic driving tests.

Is it easy to pass an automatic driving test?

Initially it may require less driving lessons reducing the costs of learning to drive. The driving test will be easier to pass in an automatic if you are prone to stalling. Automatic cars can be safer to drive as there is no need to concentrate on gears and clutch. Automatic cars are for some, easier to drive.

What do codes on driving Licence mean?

Driving licence codes are slightly different. They display what conditions you must meet to drive your car. For example, your driving licence will display a certain code if you need glasses or contact lenses to drive. Other codes include whether you’re an organ donor or if your car needs certain modifications.

What is code 95 on a driving Licence?

WHAT IS CODE 95 ON A DRIVING LICENSE, AND WHY IS IT NEEDED? Code 95 or driver qualification card is a mandatory certificate required to work as a driver in a transport company in the European Union. It is needed when driving a vehicle over 3.5 tons.

Is a UK drivers license International?

Your UK driving licence is all you currently need in most European countries, but venture further afield and you might have to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP), too. When hiring a car abroad, remember that licence requirements worldwide do vary.

Can I drive in US with UK license?

The US has an agreement with the UK whereby a full and valid UK driver’s licence permits vehicle rental in the States, you will have to have held your licence for over a year. In most cases you have to be above 21 but some companies will insist that you’re 25 before handing you the keys to a rental car.

Which driving Licences are valid in the UK?

Driving licence validity in United Kingdom

Photocard driving licences are valid for 10 years. Driving licences for novice drivers are valid until the age of 70. Driving licences for elderly drivers over 70 years are valid for: 3 years – category A.

What can I drive on a Class 2 Licence UK?

A Class 2 licence allows you to drive a category C vehicle, or what is frequently referred to as a rigid. Many training companies allow you to train and take your class 1 (C+E) test at the end, but many drivers get their class 2 licence first and then take their class 1 test afterwards.

What can I drive on a Class 2 Licence?

C – also referred to as Class 2 or Rigid this category allows the licence holder to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of up to 750 kg. A driver can obtain this licence from the age of 18.

Can I buy a car in the UK without a UK license?

Yes, you don’t need any licence and there are no age restrictions to buying a car. However, to drive it on a road, you will need at least a provisional licence , an MOT roadworthiness pass certificate, a vehicle excise license, and insurance.

Can I exchange my driver’s license for a UK license?

Only United Kingdom residents will be able to exchange their foreign licence for a British one. This means you’ll need a permanent address in Great Britain that you’ve lived in for at least 185 days. Licence holders from (most) ‘designated countries’ can drive on their valid licence for up to 12 months.

Can you get a UK driving Licence If you are not a UK national?

Check whether you meet the legal requirements

You should also be able to read a licence plate from 20 metres away. Only residents can apply for a UK driving licence, so foreign nationals are reauired to prove they have been living in the country 185 days within the past 12 months.