Question: Why Did Home Depot Deny My Return?

Why was my Home Depot Return denied?

Re: Banned from Home Depot Returns

Home Depot use to be the Bank of Home Depot when you could return any item without a receipt and get CASH.

They have tightened up the return policy and it could be that because the purchase was used using a credit from a points card that that is the problem.

What is the return limit at Home Depot?

Most items, whether purchased in-store or online, can be returned within 90 days of purchasing them as long as you provide a receipt. If you lose the receipt, they can look it up using the information from your credit or debit card. If you paid with cash, you will receive cash back.

What does Home Depot do with returned merchandise?

Originally Answered: Does Home Depot and Lowes throw away returned items? It depends on the quality of the item and if the vendor will take it back. Items returned in good condition will be put back on the floor for resale.

What does Costco do with all the returned items?

What Does Costco Do With All The Returns? If it is defective, they tag it not suitable for sale and it will either go back to the manufacturer or it will be disposed of by Costco. Costco has a number of companies that purchase this merchandise. Some will refurbish it and resell it and others will sell it as is.

Where do returned items go?

About a quarter of items are returned to the manufacturer. Others go to secondary retailers. But many returns are sold for pennies on the dollar to liquidators and discounters before ending up at regional wholesalers, who send the goods to pawn shops, dollar stores or even out of the country.

Can I return used tools to Home Depot?

In most cases, tools ordered from The Home Depot’s website can be returned by mail or at your local store. However, you can only return gas-powered tools that have been used in-store. Refunds will be issued to your original form of payment.

Is Home Depot taking returns?

Customer Support: Return Policy at The Home Depot. Simply take your purchase back to any Home Depot and get your money back instantly or exchange for something else. Be sure to bring a copy of your receipt or shipping confirmation email, credit card you used for the item and vaild I.D.